Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday's Trip

Today, Tuesday November the 17th, got off to a rather boring start as i woke up a tad sick and didn't end up going to school. As i finally got my self out of bed i decided to make the day productive and jumped into organizing/posting photos and other updates about my time here so far.
After working for quite some time i heard my brother get back from school and that's about when i got the call from my friend Teo. It went something like this "Hey Nick it's Teo, what ya doing right now?" "Nothing" "And what ya doing in a little bit" "Nothing" "well in that case you want to go kayaking with me" "Of Course!" "Ok ill come pick you up in 30 minutes".
So i saved all my work, changed into my swim suit and packed my little back pack with my beach/snorkeling supplies. sure enough by the time i had grabbed a bite to eat, Teo was at my door. we hit the road and drove to this little hotel area, where we had to convince the guard to let us be there. After a bit of talking with the guard Teo compromised to move the car to a public area. Then we got the kayak of the car and onto the beach as well as two fishing poles, a tackle box and our snorkeling equipment.
We wasted no time getting into the water. We hoped in the kayak and picked our destination, we were headed for a small island quite some ways out. As we paddled hard we crashed into and flew over the waves. after battling the waves for quite some time, we made it to the little island (quite the trip). The island was covered in pelicans, quite impressive birds.
as we paddled around a bit we decided on fishing over snorkeling, we paddled a little away from the rocky island and set up the poles. With the poles ready we casted our lines out just as the sun was going down (perfect timing). sure enough with in a few minutes i had a fish on my line. i reeled it in and Teo unhooked it, he showed me the fish and all and then we let it go. we set up the rod again and threw it out there, sure enough in a few minutes i caught another one, same kind (cochenito). only this time while Teo was unhooking the fish another fish bit the small line he was using and pulled it out of the kayak, we both went crazy and Teo dived in after it. He dove under water and had it with in a few seconds. After Teo was back on the kayak safe and sound one more cast got me a third fish.
By then it was getting dark and we had a long journey back to shore. we packed up the fishing poles and headed out. On the way back the waves were on our side and we made it the shore much quicker than the journey out to the island. on the way back we look at some crab traps but didn't see anything in the one we pulled up. At one point we thought we lost the car keys and had a good laugh when Teo remembered were he had put them. after a bit we were back to shore and nice and tired. Teo went for the car and i packed a few things up, he brought the car around closer, we packed up all the equipment and the kayak and we were ready to go.
the trip was a huge success and a huge change of pass to my uneventful tuesday of sitting in my room.

More stories coming soon.

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