Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Weekend In Mexico!!!

So I'm sorry to all that i haven't posted in so long, i don't have much of an excuse besides that i try to post on the weekends and i've been getting caught up in these past weekends, i think you'll see how that could happen after i tell you about this one.
Alright so so getting on about my weekend, lets start with Friday. The weekend kicked off in a good way with an early release from school, i hung out with my brother and his friends for a bit and then headed for home. as the afternoon passed to the night, i started my search for what to do that night, texting and chatting with friends. Then about an hour before i had to be out the door i was told by my friend Andre (brazil) that we had a reunion with the rotarians. so i quick got ready for that and was ready by 8:00 (when they said they'd pick me up) of course after the transfer to mexican time i was picked up at 8:50.
We hit the road right away and headed to some beach front condos in San Carlos, where all the rotarians were meeting. we found them all and did our greetings and what not. at that point we where waiting for the other guests, we waited just talking and having snacks. then they arrived, more and more just flooded in, doctors from the US, medical students and the Mayor of Guaymas!!! so of course knowing english and spanish i was able to converse with everyone there, making it a fun night of meeting all sorts of nice and smart people. As i continued to chat with the group, I found out more about what the medical students and doctors where here for. turns out they had a project with the rotarians (I think it was hosted by the rotarians) to help out the poorer community that has hearing problems. they examined and fitted with hearing aids some where around 400 kids and adults. The night was just filled with chatting with friends, meeting awesome new people, eating great food and just building memories ill always have.
Afterwards i headed to André's house to spend the night there, we ended up staying up pretty late, but after a bunch of poker and bean tacos we called it a night. next morning we woke up with our alarms, ready for the beach! (this is when my weekend really got fun). so we got to our favorite beach (la playa de los condominios pilar) around 10:00 and were ready to have a god day. we walked down to the beach to the best part of it where the ocean forms a little lagoon like body of water. we started just swimming around and enjoying our selves. as time passed we just swam around in different parts, next we headed to a part where you can do flips and dive into the water, we had some fun with that and then got an idea. we took out my camera and started taking photos and video of funny stuff, including pictures of us doing dives, we look like super man in some of them!
after having fun with that for a while we where hanging out when we spotted dolphins not far off the cost. we dashed into the water in attempt to close the distance on the dolphins, as we walked and swam through the water we managed to get a bit closer to them, but nothing super close, but we were for sure close enough to get a pretty sweet view of them as the came to the surface! after chasing, and swimming after them for a while we realized how far our into the ocean we swam! it was time to get back to shore, as we swam back it felt like we would never make it, but of course we made it back just fine with out problems, and wow we gained some good exercise from that!
we were back on the shore but our day at the beach still wasn't finished! we checked the time and made sure we had no missed calls on our cell phones and then headed out for another adventure, this time we swam across a small body of water and made it to another sandy area where large amount of pelicans and other birds flock, at first they flew away but then as we waited in silence some started coming back, we sat around watching the birds eat and socialize, it was pretty interesting. after that we made our way, along a very big, long rocky coast, skipping rocks and finding sea shells, after filling up some pockets with sea shells and skipping a billion rocks we got back in the water and swam our way back. afterwards we checked the time again and found out we had been at the beach for around 5 hours and thought it was about time to head back, we called for our ride and they told us 30 minutes. we went to the pool at the condos to rinse off the salt and sand and to wait for our ride.
My dad picked us up and we headed back to out houses nice and tired, i ended up relaxing a bunch and then friends came over, and we were just hanging for a bit then went to on of our friends house for his birthday, where we hung out with his family and had some great food.
From there we came back to my neighborhood where we hung for a bit before we ended up heading to a party for a while, after the party i just came home and went straight to bed, being as tired as i was.
sunday started off with a nice amount of sleep, woke up round 11:00 made some toast for breakfast and then went to go relax on the computer a bit. then i just hung out for a while with Monica (finland) for a while, just relaxing on a sunday, then i decided i was time to relax and finish this blog post. sunday turned out to be a much needed restful day and friday and saturday where awesome active days with late nights.
(the two photos are from the day at the beach. One is me jumping into the water ad the other is the shadows of Andre and I when we are super happy at the best beach ever.)
the next post wont be as long as last time, stay in touch,

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