Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ballenas en Guerrero Negro y Ciudad de Mexico

Hello to all,
Sorry once again for the long wait. You can blame it on the traveling I have been doing lately, however the good side of these trips, it has brought me many good stories and experiences to share with all of you.
The first big trip i have taken lately was a trip to Mexico City with Andre (from Brazil) and his host mother. I'm not going to spend too much time on this one, as I, one, don't remember all the details anymore and, two, have a more recent trip I want to tell you all about.
But to tell you a little about it, we went to Mexico City on an invitation from Andre's host uncle. we spent slightly over a week there traveling to all parts of Mexico City and near by towns. We spent time exploring the amazingly beautiful churches and other antique buildings, we saw the famous Monarch Butterflies, we saw a traditional bull fit, tried new foods, went to the national museum of anthropology, visited Mayan Pyramids, ate inside a Mayan mine. attended a small towns annual festival, slept very little, climbed to a snow covered mountain top, visited a castle, watched silver be worked, went to local markets, ate in a spinning restaurant, and visit downtown. By the time this trip was over i was completely exhausted and didn't make it to school for the rest of the week that i got back to Guaymas. i was incredibly pleased by the trip and hope to return to some of those places at some point in my life.
so moving on to the next trip that i actually just got back from. This past week i just went on one of the trips with all the exchange students. Starting in Tijuana Mexico we went to Six flags, Las Angeles, San diego and numerous parts of Tijuana. After a few days there we moved onto Ensenada, Mexico were we met up with even more exhcnage students. there we went out at night, got to know down town ensenada a bit and hung out with all the exchange students. After all the exchange students had arrived in Ensenada we head out for our final destination of Guerrero Negro. after about 7 hours in a bus we made it to our first destination (a super tiny town in the middle of the desert that i cant even remember the name of). there we went out on a walk in the desert at night for some star watching. after that we hung out in the hotel till late at night playing ping pong and pool. the next morning we got up earlier and went out to the desert to explore a canyon and check out these wall paintings in the caves. after that we had lunch and hit the road for Guerrero Negro, we arrived at the hotel after a decently fun 5 hours bus ride. That night we just hung out in the hotel, and got to bed at a reasonable time. the next morning we were up early and hit the road for the whale watching. It was such an amazing experience i know ill never forget it in my life. We went out in groups of about 10 people in small boats giving us a better chance to touch and get closer to the whales. as we got off the shore we started seeing the whales pop up every where with in 10 minutes. the water was completely full of whales. as we continued admiring how close we were getting to these amazing animals our boat was actually hit by one. the whale didn't make it under water in time and managed to lift our boat out of the water with its tail. although our group never got to touch the whales (i was an inch away from touching one) we were the only group to get tossed up in the air by one of the whales. (the captain of our boat said that, that was the first time he has ever seen that happen in the 17 years he has been working with that job). so we weren't lucky enough with touching one but i thought we were pretty lucky when we got tossed in the air by one. after coming back to shore we had a carne asada grill out, after that we headed to the largest natural salt factory in the world, where we climbed mountains of salt and walked across vast planes of pure sea salt (barefoot). after that we headed back to the hotel so we could all shower the salt off of our selves, after hanging around in the hotel for a while we had a little dance thing planned by the rotarians for us were we had food, karaoke, pool and dancing. it was a good time at about 1:00 am that ended and we went back to my rooms with everyone to hang out. then, because we thought it was a lounge area, we went to go to the down stairs part of the building only to find out it is a huge suit area and a man scared the daylight out us, we quickly ran away, then returned to apologize. as our apology didnt work him and his wife came back up stairs yelling at us. as the problems with them settled down we went to the rooms of other exchange students that were in a separate building. there we hung out until about 6:00 am when the rotarians asked us to all get back to our rooms. after only about an hour and a half of sleep we were up and eating breakfast, and then it was back on the bus, after about a 10 hour bus ride with lots of sleeping, music and hanging with all the exchange students we had made it back to Ensenada. With one more day of traveling i was back in Guaymas along with my friend Justus (Germany). Back in Guaymas and a little sad not to be with the other exchange students. the trip was a blast, especially the part of being with all the exchange students. Luckily the next trip (Ruta Maya) which is even bigger is only a few weeks away.
i hope you enjoyed this little story. forgive me for my bad english (as my spanish gets better my english gets worse). This probably wasn't my best blog post but i just wanted to write a little to get across the point of what I have been up to lately.
Best wishes to everyone

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