Thursday, August 6, 2009

Im here!

I just arrived in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico yesterday at about 3:30 (5:30 in wisconsin). My flights started bright and early, i left madison at 6:30 and flew into memphis, from there i took a plane to Phoenix and then hoped on a tiny plane with a total of 8 passengers on it and flew into Guaymas. I got off the plane and started sweating right away. The airport here is less then half the size of your typical Walmart so finding my host family, even while i was fighting the heat, wasnt a problem at all, they were 4 of the 12 people in the building. As i continued to sweat my host family welcomed me with a nice meal at this small traditional restaurant where we met up with my older host sister. we ate and then returned to my new house, they showed me around and my host brother helped me unpack. I gave them there gifts and they loved it all! as they day went on we just hung out and i got to know them a bit more, we asked questions about all my responsibilities etc. after that was settled my host sister and mother took me out to show me around the city, i met my rotary chairmen and had a desert called respaldo (This is like an icy but better, it has real fruit and the syrup is real). When i got back i almost went to bed, but then my host sister invited me out with her friends so i couldn't pass up another opportunity to meet people and see new stuff, we drove around in her friends mustang :) and stopped various places, i met probably another 10 people that night and got to see a beautiful sight of the city lights across the water! after driving around and hanging with people we decided to call it a night. After being awake for about 22 hours i crawled into my new bed and fell right asleep!
it feel likes home here but at the same time it doesn't. My host family is so similar to my family in madison and they are so welcoming and helpful, but obviously its not going to feel completely right at first. I guess i had these ideas that when i got here i was going to be blown away instantly with sights of the city and all this beautiful stuff and when that didn't happen right away i thought i didn't like the city. I thought about it and then remembered what previous students had told me, that i must go with an open mind, not expect anything and then ill fall in love with it! so thats what i plan to do in these next few days.
so thats a bit about my arrival here in this completely new country! ill have to tell you more later.
Nick Dykstra


  1. Have a great time Nick. When does school start? If I am on Skype feel free to call me anytime.


  2. Howdy, Nick.

    Though I've never lived in Guaymas, I lived in Guaymas Valley for some five years back in the 80s and early 90s.

    Oh, and I think you meant raspado instead of respaldo.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts...and hopefully seeing some of your pictures.

  3. gracias, i never saw raspado written until now, i only heard it thanks :)
    any suggestions or corrections are greatly appreciated!

  4. Congrats Nick, you made it! Now the fun starts. Enjoy your host family, and everything that you'll be experiencing with them. Caroline has stayed in touch with her host family from her junior year in China, and she's visiting them this weekend, now that she's back in Beijing. It's a wonderful rrelationship to build with your new 'family'. Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences.

  5. Hey Nick, glad to know you made it fine to Guaymas. Let me know if you have any question about the Mexican culture as you live it and experience it. It might differ a little bit from my view being from México City where it's more urban, but I'm pretty sure I can help.

    Mark bit me to the correction of raspado. It comes from the verb "raspar" "to scrape" because that is what the person that sells it does, scrape the ice in frappé form from this huge block of ice with a big metal spoon to pour the syrup of your choice afterwards.

    Here is a picture link so your grandparents can see what we mean.


  6. thanks Merrifields for the encouraging words, they really mean a lot to me at a time like this in my life! :)

    and Erik, im very glad you are following my blog, you've been a big help thus far and im glad you are interested in my experience because i am very interested in anything you have to say!!! :-D